Who We are

A community of Afro-Digital Natives with a vision to tell our own stories. Thereby creating new histories, cultures, sciences and economies that speak to us.

The time has passed where decision-making is confined to one region of the world.

We are changing that…

Homebase: the Afropolis of South Africa


4 Comments on Who We are

  1. “Commanding Heights of the Creative Industry”? sounds a bit Orwellian to me. aside from that, this project/group/community is really exciting. can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Any project that takes change seriously, at a fundamental level, cannot do so without taking the question of power seriously. There are currently very explicit and, in my opinion, detrimental commanding heights operating on economies, industries–which organize people’s lives and affect them in very real ways. It is for this reason that Europe and America are spending billions of ordinary civilians money to salvage the beast of capitalism (see Greece, Ireland,to mention a few), even when it on its last legs. To truly turn these situations around takes, not only mere will but a underlying premise of dispossession. Because you cannot occupy territory, even when it rightfully belongs to you, without dispossessing those strongholds that already occupy it.

  3. id rather see thokozani and his colleagues at the commanding heights of the creative industries than watch them having their blood drained by some draculine multinational squatting on those heights. the issue of black capital, cultural autonomy and economic hegemony needs to be more widely debated soon

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