Our Role In Society

Afropolitan Explosiv’s work helps to achieve various goals, including:


Diplomacy through Cross-border Cultural Development, we work with international partners in order to grow linkages with similar work in the diaspora. Through the initiatives we share ideas and content with partners in Jamaica, United States, Brazil, India and Nigeria.


Promotion of Innovative and Creative Thinking, through high-level artistic performances: we host high-level performance interventions; where we experiment in form and in expression towards the development of decolonial artforms.

Stimulating Debate

Stimulating debate, through the ‘Kasi Movie Showcase’: This is an initiative where we take film exhibitions to communities all over South Africa. The venues we use are unconventional. The idea is to use film to stimulate discussion. The discussions are then archived for further content generation.

Creation of people-driven living spaces and neighbourhoods.

Afropolitan Explosiv operates a Creative Hub, which is like a spiritual home for creative practitioners; it is a centre for excellence in film-editing, music composition, studio animation, orchestration and recording.

The Africa We Want

In terms of the aspirations of the African Union’s Agenda 2063, we contribute to number 5 and 7, namely: o Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, values and ethics o An Africa whose development is people driven, relying on the potential offered by people, especially its women and youth and caring for children

Mentorship Opportunities

Providing exposure and further opportunities to new artists and entrepreneurs

The Afro Mission

A community of Creatives with a vision to tell our own stories. Thereby creating new histories, cultures, sciences and economies that speak to us. We are all about creating artistic events and SME opportunities in the creative sector, and driving job creation and employment. Our work involves us partnering with people, companies, artists and innovators that share our beliefs.

Afropolitan Explosiv is a leading provider of artistic events and cutting-edge media based in South Africa. We deliver solutions that work for our communities, using creative approaches: in events, entertainment and panel discussions.

More About Us

We are all about Impact!

Results we bring to the creative sector
  • Improved international connections and wider recognition.
  • Improved career opportunities for designers, artists, animators, film-makers, companies and brands.
  • Opportunities to access local and regional markets.
  • Information and education
  • Increased brand value
Results we bring to tourism and economy
  • Growing interest in culture and diversity of South Africa, and Africa as a whole.
  • Improved international ties and wider recognition
  • Increased income to companies, selling services to our events and the audiences who follow them.
  • More jobs, fulfilling careers
  • Increased creative exports.
  • Improved brand value and positioning.
Results we bring to citizens

  • promoting active citizenship
  • new thinking, innovative global ideas
  • All-rounded human development

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We are a leading provider of artistic events and cutting-edge media based in South Africa. We deliver solutions that work for our communities, using creative approaches

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What we like and believe in

We believe that the richness of the 21stcentury creative economy will depend on how we engage with: 

  1. African archives as resources for creative development and,
  2. Innovation towards the development of Intellectual Properties (IP) in the Creative Sector for African-global content generation.

Both these aspects speak to the following needs of creative practitioners in far-flung communities:

  • to access information,
  • to receive exposure in terms of the various creative disciplines,
  • and employment/entrepreneurial opportunities that exist and make sense given the current economy.
  • Opportunities to excel in creative development

The unique feature of our interventions is the format we take of mixing culture + information, which we then take to the communities themselves. As a result the spaces we organize have ranged from Urban Shisanyamas, to Old Age Homes, university campuses, covering diverse communities, with penetrative geographical coverage in terms of South Africa as a whole.

Our approach places a lot of emphasis on capturing responses communities make as they are watching film content or listening to speaker presentations and attending workshops. The way they reflect on their experience we capture through audiovisual footage, this is in order to generate further content based on the feedback.


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