Our Generation as seen by Linda Mabhena

The calm Linda Mabhena

I feel that what defines a generation is both what they have learnt from predecessors as well as what they have added to it. Our generation is still grappling with the positioning and emancipation of the African continent as a whole, we are still grappling with leadership issues and as well as those of raising the standard of living for the average African. What our generation has added to this debate is technology-it has now become easier to spread ideas and challenge regimes. In the fields of business and the arts we are seeing greater participation across the continent and there is marker leadership in these fields, however, there is a vacuum in political leadership. Our generation is lacking in the visionary leadership of the likes of Kwame, Julius, Lumumba, Nelson and the like. So disinterested are we in the field of politics that this vacuum has been filled by those who do not reflect our vision. We are stuck with leadership that many consider inferior but none are willing to step up to the plate. In the face of this, our generation continues to have the same political debate about the continent with no real movement towards the Africa we want from a political point of view. My feelings judging from the audience present (at the event) was a sense of frustration with the lack of representation on the political sphere. Yet no one was ready to step up and face this challenge.