His Tent

We do not believe that God has enough space to accommodate all of us—in our varied interests, our likes dislikes—in His tent.

That is why we feel the need to have our own tents, like my own car, my own child; we simply do not believe Him when He says in my Father’s house there are many rooms. Is it going to take for us to see all the rooms?

Well, we will need to get into the house first, the tent—that place of obedience, that place of pristine melodies where not one note of discord shall sound. (Akukho ukubhimba la ekhaya!). Obedience is a must. But to obey we need to love Jesus so much that we can do nothing but obey. Not that we should obey out of the fear of the school-master’s whip. But rather sing as David did when he said:

“The law of Your mouth is better to me

Than thousands of coins of gold & silver” (Psalm 119: 72)

But before He gets there, David petitions the Lord to:

“Open my eyes, that I may see

Wonderous things from Your law.” (verse 18)

Let us also then sing along with David, that God opens our eyes to see wondrous merits of obeying Him—from doing all that He says we should do.

Suddenly, I remember that game called ‘Simon Says’ we played as children… How eager we were to do exactly as Simon says. Oh that we would approach the Cross with a zeal greater than that we did Simon!

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