Gushing River Flows

When a river flows and there are no huge boulders, debris and logs in its path to slow down or hinder its flow completely, the river runs smooth, its flow undisturbed and it gets to its outlet, abundantly and on time. However, when there are huge rocks in the middle of the river, dense debris and huge logs all along the path way of its flow towards its outlet, just imagine, yes, water does continue to flow but at a much slower rate and less of it ends up on the other side where the river flows out to.

The varied hindrances delay and slow down the gush that a river starts out as from its source, to a measly trickle.

So it is in our lives. Known sin is the rocks; debris and logs. The river water is Gods unhindered and unconditional grace (unmerited) through Christ.

What would you do if your life and livelihood depended on the gushing outflow, the waterfall of an unhindered flowing river? You’d remove all rocks, logs and debris that hindered its flow right?

Well, it is the same with sin. While not suggesting an issue of a witch-hunt to find sin in our lives, here is what I can point to. When the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin[1], humble yourself under His mighty leading. Give Him your diligent co-operation and let Him[2]  work sin  out of you. You will see, receive, live and benefit from the gushing ever flowing and unconditional river of God’s grace that is always supplying into your life.

[1] and I am not referring to a guilt-consciousness of accusation and condemnation here

[2] not your own self-effort and white knuckling


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