Africa Arise!

Africa’s Creative Capacity Restored

By Nathi Nkambule

If we do not fight to bring out the good in our African countries, we will remain victims of colonization and captives of nostalgia. Thank you for all the good things we enjoy today from Western countries- but the madness greed and Godlessness of Western societies necessitates visionaries from Africa to defend the poor and feeble. I believe that in my generation, we will witness the dawn of a shinning Africa, without the pseudo help and disappointing hand-outs from the West.

China’s future as a global leader is shuttered by her inability to herald quality over quantity. The European Union, I believe will emerge a global brand once again. However, the dismissal of Judea-Christian ethics and values will haunt the Western world.

Now, that is where Africa comes in. We, as Africans, are in the most advantageous position to be a ray of hope and light to the world. This is our time to mount the global stage. We possess a sense of humanness even in the atmosphere of barbarism as may be observed from a number of African countries and African leaders.

I do believe that through divine providence a caliber of African visionaries, maybe even better than our Nelson Mandela will emerge to lead Africa to her greatness.

We constantly await the unveiling of Africa’s greatness. You may not see it because of all the clutter and doom covering our African continent. There is a time for everything and this is the time for Africa!

Global leaders have their own agendas and plans, but God has got His own blueprint for Africa—let me just add by saying that you dare not stand on His way…you will be playing with fire in a house made of paper.


Nathi is an architect and academic based in Pretoria. He writes in his personal capacity.