South Africa at 21 Years Old

Moalusi_9th May 2015
Tebogo Moalusi, MBA & entrepreneur.

She is ambitious and full of energy.

He has seen some of the best times (World Cup 2010) and some of the worst times (xenophobic attacks).

She is still at university preparing to be the best she can be.

He is sobering from the first festivities of 1st year.

Now its time to tighten-up and deliver great results. Going forward, competition is tight. She is no longer a child!

He is an adult with real responsibilities.

She still has some growing up to do. There is still some silliness and fun left in the system.

She will take risks and pay dearly for them. But some risks will push her to truly realise her dreams. Her peers can judge her, love her and hate her. But one thing they can’t do is ignore. She has a voice. She is opinionated.

He likes nice things. Confidence needs an outfit. Although a child of poverty, he still has style and thirst to look and feel good.

So she works hard and plays hard. But she must be careful not to ball on a budget. Although she has some money, she has a responsibility to take care of those that depend on her.

As we watch him grow, we can only be an organ that will deliver her to success. Because at age 30, she’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Happy birthday South Africa. We love you.

by Tebogo Moalusi

Known for his confidence at the boardroom table, Tebogo is an entrepreneur with an MBA degree. In his spare time, he is also a deep house junkie. He writes in his personal capacity

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