Sharpening your Edge for Influence, Achieve Maximum Results

Each of us are called to influence, shape and impact whatever area of life we are involved in.

We have heard it before there are those who build, there are those who think about the building (the engineers), and then those who are more concerned with what will happen when the inside is finished (interior designers).
Sometimes we can feel like our enthusiasm for all the different aspects could be just as equal, but maybe there is a reason why it’s not.

Raising Young Leaders

Each of us are called to influence, shape and impact whatever area of life we are involved in. So parents have an assignment to nurture, care and to raise young leaders in the making. What a daunting task, when we consider how impressionable young minds are! Each word spoken to the little one, is either promoting or misguiding them from their fullest life’s destiny.

There are those who are called to be leaders in business, or government, or even in creative arts.

Not everyone is to serve meals at a Soup-Kitchens

Often sharpening the edge of what it is that we are supposed to do; taking the time to understand the role we are to serve in the better good of society can result in a lot of peace.

For one, it helps to keep you out of the things you are not supposed to be doing. Not everyone is meant to serve meals at a Soup-Kitchen, some are needed to supply the money for the food, and others to make people aware that there is a Soup-Kitchen available.

Each of those roles require different personality traits in order to work. It may be that you don’t have the right traits to make you effective in every job, perhaps you may not have the patience to deal with people on a daily basis, or lack the vision to handle the fund-raising for the Soup-Kitchen.

Sharpening your edge can also translate into meaningful relationships, as you pair up with those who complement your talents. This allows you to widen your reach, and expand your sphere of influence, by teaming up with the right people to achieve maximum results.

At the end of the day it is all about humility, by recognizing your own humanity—the fact that you are 1 person, and your life on earth is limited—you can be clear about your abilities and leave the rest to God.

In the words of Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o: “What is fundamentally beautiful is compassion for yourself and for those around you. That kind of beauty inflames the heart and enchants the soul.”

By Thokozani Mhlambi

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