Purpose is Revealed in your Struggle

Your life’s purpose is revealed in your struggle. The areas that have presented the greatest of challenges in your life are the areas where your life’s purpose lies.

Just like a match, when it hits a rock it ignites to produce light, your actions to overcome these challenges are the match, your soul is the fire, the rock are those challenges that repeatedly hit your life. Hit the rock and be in flames!

Purpose is a result of a perfect story not a perfect life. A perfect story is made from struggle.

You have been expecting to have a perfect day, perfect health, perfect finances and a perfect marriage. It is the imperfection, the struggle, that produces a perfect story. Precious stones like gold and diamonds reside deep down in the bowels of the earth. Those who dare to go through the struggle of drilling through rocks and contents of the earth’s crust are those who find the gems of life.

Your purpose is your gem. True success is not measured by the money, degrees, pedigrees, property or popularity you have acquired, but by the person who you have become after going through the struggle.

The struggle hinges on you finding yourself. When you choose to be yourself, you are bound to go through a struggle. Why? Because when you discover, develop and display your true-self, you become a light to the world because you go against the status quo. You stand out when you choose to live your life rather than becoming a copy of a great original.

In this journey of self-discovery, there are twists and turns designed to conceal your gem from ‘pigs’ who would love to steal, kill and destroy it. This hide&seek game was put in place for your own benefit–to protect your self-worth. No one can be you. The rewards of the struggle in your life is the discovery of your uniqueness. This struggle has manifold parts (smaller struggles which make up the one big struggle).

When you look back at your life, you will be able to see how all these parts are connected together to tell a perfect story of your life. There is no easy way out—you must go through this journey of journeys.

And do not fall in the trap of being ‘this’ or ‘that’, but be on the splitting of the seas. Your life’s success is a journey not a destination.

Your talents are just a means to your purpose. Do not define your identity and self-worth by your abilities, talents, degrees and pedigrees.

You are an infinite world waiting to be explored and discovered. You are an infinite potential that can never be condensed into the limitation of time and space.

Your struggle is the gateway to the discovery of your unlimited potential.

Keep exploring, you will see the perfect story at the end of this earth’s journey and the beginning of journey of the beyond.

by Nathi Nkambule
Architect | Entrepreneur | Speaker
Orignally from Swaziland, Nathi lives & works in Pretoria (South Africa)