Accessing the Power of Commitment

Commitment is to say something, or do something no matter what.

Commitment builds character, because it allows your life to be driven by connections rather than feelings. When you’re not committed, the moment you get upset, you’re out of the door. Why? Because you have never felt obligated in that relationship, your involvement was purely voluntary.

Commit to something. Hey we can’t have it all, so if you can’t commit to a wife/husband, commit to a basic task. Commit to finishing school, commit to getting a driver’s license, you can even commit to visiting your grandmother once a month.

It can’t just be something you say and pretend, but it must be something etched in your soul so deeply so that even after years to come, the decision you took when you decided to commit, you remember without regret. You remember it as the day you decided to implement positive change in your life. That in itself makes you an honourable person, for commitment is to take an action. You become honourable to you.

This makes you a better person.


Commitment is about endurance, you cannot endure challenges without being committed. Being committed means you are willing to ride out the difficult moments rather than pressing the exit button.

Some of the best rewards in life cannot be attained by free passage, they are made of hard-work and years of preparation.

It may seem as though certain circumstances are unbearable, but life begins to show you stronger facets of yourself, the moment you decide to hang-in there. It takes strength and character, which must be built. The more you experience, the more you build.

You are not a mistake. You are worth it. Take the time to commit to some of the things that you love; but these must be the ones that bring value to you, they must be the people or things that lift you up, not those that bring you down.

The more you choose to commit there are undeclared rewards to be gained in that inner circle of commitment. You will begin to discover more of that person, you will earn their loyalty and trust.


Sometimes people live together as girlfriend/boyfriend for so long, that they cannot believe there is something better on the other side. But as soon as they get married they realize how good it is. They had been selling themselves short of all the merits of being in a committed relationship. They begin to discover aspects about each other that they could never grasp outside of that commitment.

Commitment involves responsibility—playing on the outskirts requires nothing. But the outskirts can make you insecure because you are not sure where you stand, whereas with commitment you can rest at ease, knowing that what you have in your life (whether it be a wife/husband, or faithful business partner) is there for keeps.

Even in the unfortunate event of separation, you are assured, in that personal meeting with yourself when you are alone, you are certain that, “although it didn’t work out, at least I was committed.”§

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